That’s football

November 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hello to everyone. Yes, I know I have been very neglected this blog, more than three months without updating, but my life is complicated and I have little time to waste, and write blogs just is not one of my priorities. My priorities right now are my family, my boyfriend, my friends, my classes in the University and my job at the library. The rest is secondary.

Well made ​​this clarification. The reason to write a new blog is to promote the short film of my dear boyfriend in which I had the opportunity to participate as an extra. He is a new director who is making headway in the world of broadcasting. I would greatly appreciate check out, hope you like it.

“That’s football” is the story of two young people who live by and for football, until one day ban the football and we decided to change their lifestyle.

It has much to do with the distraction that people with football instead of focusing on what is truly important.

It also has a Facebook page if you want to give one I like.


My life in last months

August 8, 2012 § 2 Comments

After many months away from here, I’m back at least for now. My life these past seven months has been a real whirlwind. I don’t know where to start. First of all I must say I got my degree in Business Sciences, after a long, hard road that lasted 4 years and couldn’t have done it without the help of my parents, my friends and my boyfriend.
You might be wondering I’ve done during these months, I have worked and studied hard, I have also had time to enjoy life. In March this year it called the agency of employment and promotion offering an internship that last a year, and I accepted. Between March and July I worked in the Tax Season, it was a very rewarding experience, from early July, I shift work in a library (one of my dreams when I was a child) is a nice work if you love to read.
During these months I also lived some events, I went to Carnival in Oviedo with my boyfriend and her friends, I was able to see my Sporting in the Molinon before they descend to the second division; celebrated the 25th birthday of my boyfriend in Oviedo, enjoy evenings fun and spontaneous with my best friends, my boyfriend taught me to play darts, I met new places, I went to the Black Week and also went to the International Descent of Sella, held in Ribadesella. I have to thank my boyfriend to take me to many of the places, he’s a charming guy.

I also had the opportunity to make a new friend through one of my best friends, someone who despite knowing in a short time has given me confidence.

Finally, I ‘m pleased to announce that Colette has made me an interview, and has already been published on her blog, don’t hesitate to take a look.

I leave a short summary in pictures.

My life in the last month

January 29, 2012 § 3 Comments

After almost a month without writing a new blog, I’m back. January has been a month with a lot of pressure for me since I had my final exams of first semester. It has been three weeks of a lot of pressure, nerves, much study. But I think it went well, four exams that I had, I only know the marks of two and has been good. I am now waiting to be told the marks of the other two exams. This last week of January I’ve had free, and I take advantage to relax, catch up with chapters on tv – shows and I also spent time with my boyfriend and my friends. Next Tuesday begins the second semester, and thus also start to do an internship in a company, the university hasn’t yet given me the company, but hope to have the chance I have assigned to a company to do things related to Accounting.

This week I’ve been somewhat annoyed by things that happened to me in college. I had trouble making a mere formality at the University. I wanted to enroll in a university extension course, it took some years ago to target those courses in the Department Jovellanos, until this year that they have decided to modernize and to enroll online, but that chance to deliver the letter to pay, I had to scroll up to Oviedo. Finally, after some days l I could fix it, I enrolled  the course via online and I was able to send the letter of payment by fax.

But my anger with the University doesn’t end there. In July 2011 I did the registration for the course 2011/2012, missing me free 10,5 credits, so I decided to enroll in a course of group 9, which I was doing my surprise they told me I had tuition to enroll other two subjects as a backup, in case in which I admitted I had chosen. As of today, I received a mail that they send me to create a username and password in the Shared Virtual Campus University of group 9, and I find that I have given the three subjects. Made aware of my power, I say I can proceed with the cancellation of any of these subjects, but didnt return my money, or curse the three subjects, or in this case who pursue only one of the subjects. In short, do not know what will. I just want to state the tax collection effort that has the university.

This weekend has been fun. Last Friday I went with friends to a party organized for some classmates. It was great, and very funny. We danced a lot and did some photos.

And on Saturday I went with my boyfriend to watch a game of handball, I must say that until I met him, had never shown any interest in handball. But it seems I like it me, since I have been following the European Handball,I have seen some matchs of Spain in the last week. Yesterday saw to play to AB Gijón Jovellanos and much enjoyment.
I guess I’m used to watching only football matches and motorcycle racing, because they are sports that I like, but maybe I end up liking the handball.

I leave a question if you want to answer: What sports do you like?

¡Happy 2012!

December 31, 2011 § 4 Comments

“We’re a slice of life, the most alive of the great universe…”

And after 365 days of joys, sorrows, lots of laughter, sad times, movies, walks on the beach, bike routes, concerts, parties, exhibitions, exams, stress, melancholy, and much more, we end the year …

This 2011 has been a year of highlights and shadows. As you all know I lost one person of the most important to me, my paternal grandfather. After nearly two years of fighting, he died, leaving me plunged in deep sorrow.

But not all has been bad this year, earlier this year I met a person who would become someone very important to me and essential in my life, someone who made me see things from another perspective, that makes me laugh almost every moment, which is supporting me unconditionally, made to believe in something I never thought I could come to feel,  that I accept as I am, and who wants to share his life with me. So thank to him, Marcos that has been at my side during this 2011 and I hope this for many years by my side.

I must also thank my friends Dori and Laura, who have been by my side giving me their support in tough times I experienced this year, they have made me laugh, who are with me unconditionally, because they have made me to see the positive side of things, even though I saw everything very black, which have always been there in some way. And I hope you are by my side for many years, now in almost 4 years of friendship, but I want my life forever.

During the 2011 also had the opportunity to meet through Marcos to wonderful people, which soon became my friends.

It was a year with good things, and certainly with bad things too, but I prefer to stay with good things, and that is people who are by my side every day, because ultimately life is full of little moments and those moments I have fortunate to live them with people I love.

So I say goodbye to 2011, with a smile on my face, asking that although this year has been good, the next to come, are equal to or better than this, and that good things don’t change. And although the evils that still exist on Earth, we cannot stop them, at least try to be a little more generous, and not thinking so much about us.

I wish a new year filled with health, love and success. Happy New Year 2012!

Merry Christmas

December 23, 2011 § 3 Comments

After almost a month without writing a new blog, I’m back. I’ve been absent from this site and taking time to reply the comments, since the University occupies most of my time, between classes, study and University works. And the little free time I dedicate to my life offline.

I’m in the final year of Bachelor’s degree in Business Sciences, which I demand a lot more than in previous years because I want to improve my qualifications for the future. When I finish Bachelor’s degree in  Business Sciences, I would make the adaptation Degree of Accounting and Finance , majoring in Accounting and I’m considering making a Masters in Accounting, but for this needs a good academic record. In this first semester I face four final exams will be in January. And then in the second semester I’m only enrolled in three subjects, but I have an internship in a company that the University assign to me in early February. When you have more details I’ll talk to you.

This week I had to make a speech on Social Policy in the European Union to my class of European Economy . I think it was good, although I was a little nervous. I don’t like public speaking especially to a class that has their eyes on me, talking about this with a friend, it seemed strange to happen to me when I’ve done theater for years, and almost never made ​​me nervous . I guess the difference is that when I was on stage at the theater did not see the people, and change in class if I see them. Maybe I should use the techniques I learned when to theater and imagine that no one in class. I’ll think about it.

Right now I’m enjoying the Christmas holidays until mid-January. This year will be a sad thing, because it will be the first Christmas without my grandfather. As you all know, was very attached to it, and my going to be hard to enjoy this holiday, luckily my family will do everything possible to not take it so much his absence.

In mid-December, my city is lit with Christmas lights. Interestingly, this year I love Christmas lights. I leave you some pictures of samples for you to see the Christmas decoration in my city.

Putting a happier note this blog, I’m pleased to announce that Marcos and I started dating just three weeks ago. We’ve known for almost 11 months, and we have been known as a friends, but it was not until a couple of months when we realized how much of that we felt more than friendship. And earlier this month during a conversation on msn ask me if I wanted to be his girlfriend, it really was not something romantic, because days before this conversation we had a discussion a bit weird. He said it was a very special girl for him and that he loved me, among other things, despite his statement unless it was pretty romantic. I was a little surprised, perhaps because I didn’t expect and didn’t know that answer, I told him if he left me think about it for several days (if I’m a rational person, and I think this kind of decision, because I don’t like the changes), he said no problem. Two days later I gave my answer to his question. And from that day we’re a couple. It won’t be easy, since we live 28 kilometers of distance, and only we will be able to see us over the weekend, but I’m sure everything will go well.

I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Spending my time with friends

November 23, 2011 § 6 Comments

In the last week I’ve been somewhat absent from my blog, because the University takes most of my time, between classes, study and works;  and the little free time I have take the opportunity to relax, hang out with friends, watch some tv- shows online and little else.

Last Friday I hang out with Dori, one of my best friends. Althought we’re studying the same thing and go to the same university during the week we see little, so we usually get one day of the weekend to see us, and usually tend to be on Fridays lately mostly because the weekends I hang out with Marcos.

First of all we went to see shops, because she had to buy a gift for a friend. After visiting some stores, find the perfect gift for that girl. We went for our mythical walk on the Saint Lawrence’s beach, and there we decided to do a few photos. When I’m with her there is always lots of laughter, with her all is crazy, funny and spontaneous.

Then we went to Gato Tuerto, a cafe in the center of my city. We took a Swiss chocolate (it consists of chocolate, whipped cream and a touch of cinnamon), a montadito of loin with cheese and anchovies and fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce. Yes, usually when we met for a drink at a cafe do a mix of flavors, and as we eat a snack before dinner.

Last Saturday made three months since the death of my paternal grandfather was a very sad day, I didn’t want to see anyone, preferring to be alone, but Marcos insisted that spend time with him, he said me couldn’t stay home alone, the only thing that was going to get me sad and melancholy, and needed to hang out and try some fun. He insisted both during the day but managed to convince me to hang out a few hours. I met with him in his city (he lives 28 kilometres from my city, it is a friendship at a distance, although we see almost every weekend and once a week, when both have time.) , so I had to catch a bus. The truth is that I don’t like to go by bus, is uncomfortable and people don’t respect, I don’t know why but there’s always screaming teenagers I prefer be relaxed and listening to music, but it’s impossible with teenagers, the trip lasts 30 minutes, but sometimes becomes a real pain. You can also go by train but is much more expensive and there are no many availability timetable. We were in his city, and decided to go play pool and table football, we often go to a mall to thereby avoid the rain. I had the sad and melancholy days, had become a fun day with lots of laughs. Don’t know how he does but even in the saddest, bored and melancholic day, he gets to make me laugh. After the table football game and to continue our perfect evening we went to dinner at our favorite pizzeria “La competencia” is a place I love, they make delicious pizzas and many specialties, but perhaps my favorite is the pizza house whose secret ingredient cabrales cream.

So you could say that my weekend was almost perfect with friends. And to say that friends are important to overcome the bitter pill of our lives.

Trying to live a little

November 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

These last two weeks have been somewhat stressful in university, I had to work to European Economics and studying for the exam I had this week of Cost Accounting. But I’ve also had time to enjoy some free time with my friends and Marcos  (the guy who brings me a smile every day). In the previous post mentioned that I was going with my friends to the movies to watch The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn, I must say that the film itself was entertaining, but maybe I missed the intensity of the comic, I guess I’m a undemanding with the adaptations of books and comics, but when I watch a movie adapted from a book I want to feel the way I felt when reading the book. Anyways, if you have a chance to watch it, I recommend it.

And last Sunday was my 25th birthday, I celebrated that special day with a meal with my parents and also with a party organized by my friends. I have to thank them make me smile all afternoon, and that didn’t  put me sad and somewhat melancholy to remember that this was my first birthday without my grandfather, and also continue the tradition that my grandfather bought me a cake, put a candle in the cake and blow out the candle myself making a wish. If I cannot complain that I have the best of friends, someone can have.

I was tagged by Colette

1. You must post these rules.
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My anwers:
1.Your favourite desert recipe to share? Chocolate cake or tiramisu.
2. If you could have a gift of something (premonition, healing…) what would it be?
Maybe healing, and can read people’s minds.
3. Do you recycle?
Yes, I do.
4.Where would you like to be in 10 years?
In 10 years I see myself with a good job (I hope in something related to accounting), living in an apartment or a loft with my boyfriend.
5. 2011 is almost over. If you could summarize your year in one sentence it would be…?
A year of highlights and shadows.
6. Your favourite thing to do alone?
Read books, listening music…
7. You won a roundtrip ticket to anywhere in the world. You chose to fly to?
Wow I would choose to travel to Japan, I was always fascinated by their culture.
8. One thing you are really good at?
Doing things accounting.
9. Describe yourself in 3 words.
Shy, funny, spontaneous.
10. If you could spend a day with a famous person, who would you chose?
I think I would chose Quentin Tarantino.
11. Something you hate to do.
Pick up my room.

Now I know I should be tagging to anyone. But I prefer that people read my blog answer the following questions that I will do:

1. Beach, mountain or both?
2. What is your favorite dish?
3. How often do you listen to the radio?
4. Would you rather tell the truth and to mourn someone or lie and make someone smile?
5. Do you have a personal diary?
6. Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with?
7. What are the three things that you cannot  live without?
8. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
9. What countries would you travel to if you were to do a world trip?
10. If you were invisible, what would you do?
11. What is most important in a relationship?

That’s all for now.